Pastor Mark Renke and his wife Nancy

Mark was born deaf. He grew up part of the time in mainstream schools and part of the time at CSD-Berkeley so he understands the needs of both groups.2014-3-2-Renkes-cropped

Mark trusted Christ as his Savior at age 12.

For 12 years Mark served with Deaf Prison Network in California visiting deaf prisoners, conducting Bible studies and counseling them.

For 10 years the man that pastored Vallejo Bible Church for the Deaf was missionary Brad Ketterling. When Brad needed to be out of town, Mark often filled the pulpit for him. In 2013 Brad felt the Lord calling him to move to Washington State to develop a deaf church there. Vallejo Bible Church for the Deaf called Mark to be their pastor in May 2014.

Mark and Nancy have been married since 1983. They have two grown children. Nancy loves serving the Lord also.

Penny Harden

Penny Harden
Penny has participated in Deaf church planting with Biblical Ministries Worldwide for over 35 years. After graduating from Bible college and joining the mission, she served briefly in New Zeland, then was in Deaf church planting ministries in Denver and Sacramento before moviong to Vallejo in 1999 with the goal of starting a Deaf Church.

The first ASL service was held at Vallejo Bible Church the following year. She is very involved in the Deaf women’s ministry, evangelizing, mentoring, teaching, interpreting and doing a variety of helps ministries.